International freight shipment has continued to grow exceedingly considering the volume and number of goods that are now being transported from one location to the other within the world today. International freight shipment services now include air freight shipments and sea freight shipment, all offering freight services in several countries worldwide. Many business houses and commercial organizations also use International shipment services to capture new markets especially in the developing countries of the world.

International freight companies are responsible for transporting the goods of the importers/exporters from one country to another. The proper freight forwarding is the main link in the chain of a healthy export-import business relationship. If this all-important step is not handled adequately, then the rest of the transaction process breaks down. So before you decide to take everything on yourself, keep the number of a good international freight forwarder handy and avoid the headaches, hassles, and oversights that can doom your business before it even gets started.

International Freight Companies

Choose an International Freight Forwarder

Choosing an international freight forwarder is crucial to the ultimate success of any business that has to import or export cargo on a regular basis. The last thing any business needs is for shipments to be late, get lost or arrive in poor condition. The only way to ensure that your shipping needs are met is by hiring a competent freight shipping company best suited to your needs. Whether your firm is just starting up, branching out into a new sector or simply looking for new freight forwarders with whom to do business, there are some very important questions that need to be answered before you can tell if you are a good match.

You should likely ask is whether their company will be able to handle the shipping load. If the freight forwarder is small, then it might not be able to handle more than a certain number of shipments per month and if your company’s requirement exceeds that number, then your business will suffer. So, finding an international freight shipping supplier that can handle your volume of shipments is essential.

The next thing to find out about any potential international freight forwarders on your short list is how long they have been in business. It is best to choose an established company because newer international freight forwarders will not have as large a network of agents, shipping companies and other contacts with whom they can coordinate shipments. An established freight shipping company will have a good network of people with whom they deal and from whom they can call in favours in order to get your shipments sent and delivered on time.

International Freight Companies

Help Your Business

Logistics Solution – It doesn’t matter the risk, nor the rewards, you will always want to keep track of your transactions from the time of shipping to the time of delivery. After all, you want to keep your customer informed, and if you are the customer you want to stay informed. An international freight forwarder can keep you up-to-date on all activity through fulfillment, so that everyone is protected, no matter what.

Customs Clearance – Red tape is a harsh reality of the export-import business. No matter what product you choose to sell or purchase, there are a different set of rules that you can never be completely sure of if you are also handling marketing, client relations, and fulfillment. International freight forwarders specialize in knowing the specialties. They are aware of any documents that need to be provided, and they are aces at handling the particulars.

International Freight Companies


If you are have items weighing more than 150lbs, you may be wondering how safe you can deliver such huge items without any breakages occurring. This is exactly one of the main problems of International freight shipment, but with a third party insurance, you can always get compensation for such breakages. There are several other features of International freight and each country has its own guidelines depending on the type of commodity, and value of freight being shipped. Some export compliance issues will also need to be complied with when using International freight services just as there are customs documentation and logistics which also control the shipment activities.

Lastly, are you comfortable with the agent assigned to you by your international freight forwarder? Can you communicate easily with the person in charge of your account? If not, then you should definitely ask for a new agent and if they are unable to provide you with one, then you should take your business elsewhere. As freight forwarding is such an important part of any business, it is imperative that you feel comfortable with and are able to talk to the person handling your account. Unless you are able to talk freely and feel that you are getting the kind of attention that you need, then take your business somewhere else. 2021 - Copyright © All rights reserved.